A Conference Is Trying To Bring Opportunity For Energy and Tech Companies.

The event also wants to bring more jobs to North Dakota.

GRAND FORKS, N.D.- The North Dakota Energy Conference and Expo gathered people from the energy and tech world to discuss business opportunities and growth in the region.

“It’s really become a proving ground because it’s one of the only areas in the country where all these entities are coming together. There’s a lot of research going on and a lot of testing. So, North Dakota has a lot going for it itself, the fact that we got all these different entities of wind, oil and gas, bio fuels etc. All of this is coming together in one place,” says John Nelson, the Vice President of BBI International.

They are trying to create business in the area so more people stay and settle in North Dakota.

They say there is a lot of diversity going on in the state and they wanted to create a platform where they would all come together and discuss their different areas.

They also want companies to talk about the newest developments and projects.

“Who’s working for these companies, whether is doing at the oil fields, doing research, or working for the power companies, whether that’s wind, those are the questions that always come up and we need a strong workforce,” Nelson adds.

“It’s important that North Dakota becomes a destination like you said, so that when we bring in strong talented people into these companies that are doing business in North Dakota; they can make it a home. It’s a great place to live and play and raise a family,” says Chris Kalash, Director of Membership Services at Greater North Dakota Chamber.

The event had a TEDX style presentation where each company would talk for 15 minutes and discuss their business and future projects.

They also had a trade show with an overall view of the company and their current projects.

The expo continues tomorrow at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks.

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