Greater North Dakota Chamber

A Conference Is Trying To Bring Opportunity For Energy and Tech Companies.

The event also wants to bring more jobs to North Dakota.

GRAND FORKS, N.D.- The North Dakota Energy Conference and Expo gathered people from the energy and tech world to discuss business opportunities and growth in the region. “It’s really become a proving ground because it’s one of the only areas in the country where all these entities are coming together. There’s a lot of research going on and a lot…

Workers Wanted: Job Openings Pile Up Across North Dakota

Job Service North Dakota estimates the state currently has 14,000 job openings.

BISMARCK, N.D.–Hiring managers across North Dakota are looking for ways to solve the workforce shortage that plagues the state. Job Service North Dakota, which tracks employment data, estimates the state currently has 14,000 job openings. A decade ago, North Dakota had 8,000. State officials say the real number is closer to 30,000, given that some employers only advertise with one…