West Fargo Looking To Re-brand Downtown Area

It's an area that runs from Sheyenne Street between Main and 7th Avenues West. Your feedback is needed.


WEST FARGO N.D — What do you think of “The Yards” to remember the old stockyards in West Fargo?

Or “Old Town West Fargo” to showcase the town’s history and growth?

Or how about “Uptown Sheyenne Commons”?

They are three ideas to re-brand downtown West Fargo, an area that runs from Sheyenne Street between Main and 7th Avenues West.

And your feedback is needed.

“So we take that feedback, we synthesize it to create some different themes and we bring those themes to focus groups,” AE2S Project Manager Andrea Boe said.

The goal is to find a name that identifies with the people of West Fargo.

“They are the unofficial spokespeople of the brand, the people that live here and visit here they are going to experience it and carry that brand forward,” Boe said.

The first three themes are just concepts and not a final brand by any means.

The city is trying to separate itself from the downtown name that’s associated with Fargo.

“You know I think we want something that is a little more unique that identifies that area so we are not competing for that name downtown which is really more symbolic of Fargo,” West Fargo City Commissioner Eric Gjerdevig said.

Gjerdevig says he thinks bringing that fresh and unique identity also can help further grow the area.

“You know the “Stockyards” in Fort Worth or the “Haymarket” in Lincoln Nebraska and places like that really help to spur development to sort of define the area.”

He says as long as the brand or theme is meaningful, he would like it to be connected to the history of West Fargo, the city that continues to grow.

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