Bison Football Fans Celebrate End Of Regular Season Tailgating Home Games

The Bison remain undefeated this season

FARGO, N.D. — The Bison had their last regular season home game tailgate and some fans are riding into the sunset before the start of the playoffs.

Bill Kuzas who has been tailgating for the team for the past 25 years brought a bus and some saddles for fans to hang out with and take pictures.

The setup is also a way for Kuzas to bring some representation from the western half of the state.

He says it’s a great wrap up for what’s been another great regular season for Bison fans.

“We just love to have everybody here and have a good time and check out the saddles and meet a lot of friends we have had a lot of opposing teams parents on the bus before we really enjoy that we like to welcome people who haven’t been to Fargo before and kind of be an ambassador for Fargo and for tailgating and everything else so,” Kuzas said.

Kuzas says he can’t wait till next season because they have some new ideas for something that’s new and improved for their tailgating experience.

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