Fargo City Commission gets rid of some special assessments

FARGO, N.D. – By a vote of four to one, Fargo City Commissioners approve changes to the infrastructure policy.

It comes as the result of a task force that was started to revise special assessment policies. It could save property owners hundreds of dollars.

The new policy would do away with certain special assessments on things like traffic signals, sanitary lift station improvements and street lights during reconstruction.

Commissioner Tony Gehrig was the only no vote.

Fargo will apply all funds from the North Dakota Prairie Dog Bill for reconstruction and rehabilitation of aging infrastructure.

“I’m very excited. This has been a long time coming. It’s been a great effort and the results are dramatic in favor of the taxpayers. After years of keeping up with demand on infrastructure costs in the oil patch, it’s now time to invest statewide and the timing of this task force as well as legislative action, it really made a profound change for the City of Fargo,” City Commissioner Tony Grindberg said.

Prairie Dog funds to the city are expected to exceed $13 million a year.

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