Fargo City Commissioner John Strand Encourages Climate Change Discussion

Commissioner Strand held a town hall meeting for people to voice their concerns on the issue

FARGO, N.D. –The actions we take now will likely have an effect on those who come after us.

There is maybe no example where that is more true than in the case of climate change.

Fargo City Commissioner John Strand wanted to give those individuals a chance to share their concerns on the issue
In a town hall meeting, the public came looking for action and encouraging Fargo to declare a climate emergency.

“This is just the first step into taking other actions for the call to the entire city so nobody can ignore what is going on,” Fargo resident Ryan Livdahl said. “If we are in this constant state of climate emergency, people are talking about it. Dialogue is always open because we are always in this emergency until it is called off.”

Suggestions at the meeting included making more climate-friendly modes of transportation more accessible to the public.

“We won’t have to worry about what kind of car you are driving if you are not driving a car,” Livdahl added. “Our bus system still needs a lot of work to make it usable for a lot of people in Fargo and more bike lanes in Fargo to make it so pedestrians can walk freely.”

Commissioner Strand admits there is still plenty that can be done in regards to the use of renewable energy

“North Dakota is an energy state with coal and with oil but we also have wind and sun,” Strand said. “If the fossil fuel industry is contributing, which many declare it is and I think it is, let’s address that and replace it with cleaner, renewable energies.”

There was a lot of talking at the meeting, but the bottom line is people are hoping their words can inspire the city to take initiative.

“They want action.” Strand reveals. “They want us to stand up, to speak up, to show that there is a concern, that there is an emergency. It is vital that we have a role to play in this and that we are going to roll up our sleeves and do it.”

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