Fargo Woman Recovers After Being Hit with Stray Bullet

The woman was unexpectedly struck while in a family members home

FARGO, N.D. — A woman is feeling extra grateful after only suffering minor injuries from a stray bullet that struck her while she was in her daughter’s home.

The Fargo resident was putting her grandchild to bed on Tuesday night when she felt a sudden pain in her arm. After noticing a small hole in the wall of the bedroom, she came to the conclusion she had been hit by a bullet. Police were called and she was treated on the scene but the family is still left a bit shaken up.

“I mean I am upset that it happened because had my mom been over a few more inches it would have probably been deadly or if my son was on the bed it could have been a lot worse than it was,” the victim’s daughter said. “It’s just gun safety. If you are going to have a gun, just be safe with it whether you are cleaning it or whatever you are doing.”

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