Law Enforcement Wants To Let People Know What To Do During The Winter Storm

North Dakota and Minnesota troopers are making sure people drive safe this Thanksgiving weekend.

FARGO-MOORHEAD – During the holiday weekend, all North Dakota troopers available will be working the roads in an effort they are calling all–hands enforcement.

The morning show spoke to North Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind about the efforts they are making to make the roads safer.

“The troopers that are available will be out working the road way. We have a lot of specialty positions within our organization, whether it’s our headquarters staff position, other specialty position, but we’re not normally always on the road working. All those troopers will be out today to try to maximize our efforts over this holiday period,” says Captain Niewind.

He says there are key things that you should be alert for.

“Listen to the forecast. Listen to what our agency is telling you for those travelling conditions. And if you don’t have to go someplace and the weather is hitting, you stay we’re you’re at,” he says.

In Minnesota, different parts of the state are getting hit with snowy weather.

The State Patrol has already been responding to a number of crashes.

“The goal is never about the number of tickets we write or arrests we make. It’s about trying to prevent that very thing. So, letting folks know hey, we’re going to be out looking for impaired drivers. Don’t make poor choices, take care of yourselves and take care of each other,” says Sgt. Jesse Grabow, Minnesota State Patrol.

Chris is a semi driver who is making the drive from Grand Forks to Harrisburg, Missouri.

He says he’s always looking out for other drivers, especially during this time of the year

“I’m always watching out for drivers who are actually on their cell phone or just not being safe. I’m always looking for that. I actually this morning had someone cut me off right in Grand Forks. I wouldn’t have been able to stop I would have torn their car,” says truck driver Chris Anderson.

Troopers recommend knowing your surroundings and location just in case you get stranded, having a fully charged cell phone, and extra–warm weather clothing.

The Highway Patrol says if roads are closed, do not try and go through secondary routes because the road conditions will be worse.

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