Moorhead Hosts Annual Gun Show

This is the 5th year the group has held the show

MOORHEAD, MINN — Gordon Anderson or “Gordy” is a trucker and Federally Licensed gun seller in Detroit Lakes.

“You know it’s fun if I had to make a living out of it. I would starve to death, but I just enjoy doing it,” Anderson said.

He, like dozens of others, is setting up shop for the weekend at the Moorhead Gun Show at the National Guard Armory to see old friends and make some sales.

According to ThoughtCo, 29 states, including Minnesota and North Dakota, don’t have federal or state regulating firearms sales between private individuals at gun shows but some have their own requirements to sell.

However, for federally licensed sellers like Gordy, he makes sure everything is properly checked and well–regulated when making a sale.

“Ya know when I was looking at one, I checked it, a couple of them I checked it, and I check them all before I put them on the table, and if someone wants to look at one, I check it,” Anderson said.

For the majority of the democrats running for president in 2020 are running on Universal Background checks on gun sales as well as blocking the sale of assault weapons.

Gordy, who has been at the annual Moorhead Gun Show for years now, says the 2nd amendment is crucial for people to defend themselves from tyranny.

“It’s what it says it’s in the constitution to keep politicians from robbing ya taking everything you have,” Anderson said.

Seller, like Joe Nemzek, who runs his homegrown business in Moorhead, says they hope that people can visit gun shows to learn about them.

“The anti–gunners don’t know what they are talking about a lot of the times their solution is getting rid of it instead of trying to learn about it,” Anderson said.

Nemzek says the issues behind mass shootings in the country are not because of the guns themselves.

“The gun is a tool, and the person pulling the trigger is the problem. There is no perfect way to keep that from happening just like there is no perfect way to stop a DUI from having a fatal accident,” Nemzek said.

Brady United, against gun violence a gun safety advocacy groups say that over 100 thousand people are injured by guns every year.

Gun owners like Nemzek say it’s important to teach firearm safety.

“If you’re a gun owner, you need to be responsible bottom line you got to abide by the laws you have to practice safety constantly,” Nemzek said.

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