Ride Along With Fargo Public Works Snow Plowers

Drivers Are Being Encouraged To Give Plows Plenty Of Space When Working

FARGO N.D. — Garret Bax has been plowing the streets of Fargo for over 4 years now,

“It was pretty new to me but I like it a lot,” Bax said.

During the winter Bax can be driving plows like these for 12 hour shifts to make sure the roads are clean and safe.

“Yeah especially last winter when your working 12 hours constantly, yeah it gets pretty long but you also get use to it,” Bax said.

With one of the first signs of winter rocking the valley with about half a foot of snow there is a lot of work that needs to get done.

“You just gotta watch your surroundings make sure that people know that you’re there and you just gotta watch out so you don’t hit things,” Bax said.

But for the Moorhead native this isn’t his first rodeo traversing the tundra through the rough valley weather driving these mechanical beasts of the road.

“It was definitely new to me I started on a sander and worked my way up but it was intimidating but after my 4th winter it’s like 2nd nature to me now,” Bax said.

While these snow clearers caravan their way across the streets and avenues Bax is asking drivers to be more aware when they are driving around.

“We are just trying to watch out surroundings and it does get frustrating sometimes when people cut in front of us or they try and cut in between us when we are plowing the main routes it does get frustrating,” Bax said.

But for drivers like Bax their spirit to traverse the tundra isn’t going away anytime soon as this season is just kicking off in the valley.

“We stop and take little breaks here and there I guess just talk to each other just make sure everyone keeps their mood up and just keep on trucking,” Bax said.

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