Santa Village Opens Its Doors At Rheault Farm

 The community braved the winter storm to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Claus

FARGO, N.D.- For some, the snowy weather was not a factor, but rather a drive to go outside and make the most of it.

“The weather was more like a push, because he likes to be outside, so we got him all geared up and come out and plays in the snow,” says Korinna, a visitor.

They came to the Santa Village last year and although conditions were different, they’re still excited to see what’s new this year.

“He wants to go check the arts and crafts and we’re probably going to go get a cookie from Santa.He likes the slides at the park because he can go really fast now because he’s got the snow pants. He’s so excited so,” she says.

They say their favorite part was being able to see the reindeer.

“I just love the animals and I think he probably might have liked that too,”she says.

Korinna says it’s important to have events like these, so families can create memories together.

“I think it’s good for families to be able to get out and do stuff. And I think it’s really fun to make memories with your kids. He’s my only kid and I love doing anything with him,” she adds.

The Santa Village offers all types of activities for kids and families.

“Santa’s village, we have tons of activities for the young and old and the kids at heart. We have activities such as visiting Santa, writing letters to Santa. Donations we have here for food, for toys, giving it to the needy as well as arts and crafts to enjoy this holiday season,” says Molly, who is working as an Elf at the Santa Village.

They say their goal is to bring joy to families and kids and put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

“Just to lighten up the holiday spirit, make everybody happy. Knowing that everyone is in good spirits and just interacting with the kids. Make the Christmas magic happen,” she says.

During the 2018 Season of Giving, over 3,500 dollars in donations were collected, 7,092 pounds of non–perishable food items were donated to the Great Plains Food Bank and more than 650 toys were given to the YMCA Learning Center.

If you’re interested in visiting the Santa Village, you can check out the Fargo Park District website for dates and times.

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