Fargo’s Eagles Elementary Sends Off Teacher Leaving For Brain Surgery

Students, faculty and staff gathered for the emotional goodbye.

FARGO, N.D.- Students, Faculty and Staff say “See you later” to a teacher undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor.

“So today was really a celebration of Mr. Hetland and all of the things that he has done here at Eagles and just to send him off on a positive note. Everybody’s been thinking about him. And you know happy for him that he’s going to be able to move on, but going to miss him terribly while he’s out,” says Tanya Wrigley-Lingle, the Principal at Eagles Elementary School.

The Physical Education teacher was arranged to go to a fake meeting while all the students, faculty and staff gathered at the school hallways to greet him.

He was overcome with emotion seeing all the students waiting for him to give him hugs and high fives.

“Today was a complete surprise and after yesterday the school choir dedicated a song to my family and myself and had a nice slideshow of notes and pictures the students drew and giving encouraging words. That took me by complete surprise and this afternoon did as well,” says Tyler Hetland, a Physical Education teacher at Eagles Elementary School.

He says the support from the school has reminded him of how lucky he is to be surrounded by people who love and care for him.

“It just validated my reason for being a teacher,” he says.

He says he’s nervous for the upcoming surgery, but excited to come back and continue doing what he loves.

“I feel good. A little anxious for surgery next week, but excited to get that process done and over with and get back to work,” he adds.

The school says Mr. Hetland is a teacher that is always there to listen and goes above and beyond for students.

“Just thinking about all the ways that he has supported everybody here at eagles and it’s just our way to send him off and let him know that we care so much about him,” says Wrigley-Lingle.

Gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe how Mr. Hetland feels towards all the support he has received during these tough times.

“Thank you for the continued support and words can’t describe what means to my family and I that there’s so many people that care for us,” Hetland says.


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