League Of Women Voters Hosts Impeachment Information Talks

The Group Is Hoping To Give People The Chance To Learn About Impeachment Proceedings.

FARGO, N.D. — The League Of Women Voters Of the Red River Valley packed into the Sons Of Norway restaurant in Fargo.

The group is hoping to give people the chance to learn about impeachment proceedings so they are well informed on a topic that’s making headlines.

It’s over investigations of President Trump’s alleged involvement in Ukraine asking to have a foreign government investigate his political rivals.

“We want people to be informed citizens, informed voters and the more you know about anything that’s going on the better the more informed voter your going to be.”

The league is a non-partisan group that says this is a historical moment in American history.

“It’s an important thing something that hasn’t happened in a generation and it’s something that’s going to change our government in one way or another no matter how it turns out.”

The league had MSUM Political Science professor and league member Barbara Headrick help explain and break down the history of impeachment and the country as well as the complex politics that play into a vote.

“It’s your government it’s your elected Congress is looking into your elected president and so if you want to see why you have to pay attention.”

Headrick says the proceedings are very serious allegations that are being levied and people should follow this more closely.

“The charges that are being annunciation against the president and the investigative evidence is important enough that people need to pay attention to and realize that their are very serious things that are being discussed this is much more serious then lying about your sex life which is what Clinton did.”

Headrick also that Americans need to stay well informed and pay attention to the political world around them on every level.

I encourage everybody to stay active and care about your government on the local level all the way to Washington D.C.

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