The Salvation Army Brings Realtors Together For A Cause

The event started here locally and has now spread nationwide.

FARGO, N.D.- The organization hosted a Ring Day for Realtors who will be ringing bells at 33 locations throughout the F-M community.

Realtors will be competing with off-duty law enforcement, firefighters, ND Air Guard and Highway Patrol who will have a day of full ringing during this season.

“We welcome everybody, we wish them a Merry Christmas, good morning. Just trying to get their attention, so that they wanna come by and drop something in and we thank them when they do and honestly most people are so generous, it’s wonderful. It’s fun to do this, I get to be with a friend. We chat for two hours, we get to greet people as they come in..It’s just a good time,” says Kevin Fisher who is a realtor participating in the event.

The realtors will be doing about 300 hours of bell ringing.

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