NDSU Students Showcase History Documentaries

The topics include woman's right to vote in Fargo and her access to higher education at NDSU.

FARGO, N.D — A group of NDSU students are taking to the theater for the release of their documentary about North Dakota.

I Plan To Vote With My Daughters: The Story Of Women’s Suffrage In North Dakota.

The second film “Degree of Sisterhood: A History of the Alba Bales Practice House” which is about the historic building on NDSU’s campus.

The students say these documentaries took countless hours of research and preparation to make possible for the packed theater.

Each film they say are tackling topical and relevant information regarding a woman’s right to vote in Fargo and her access to higher education at NDSU.

“The Alba Bales house is also a piece of contention on the NDSU campus it’s in a state of administrative limbo where there is not anyone currently occupying it, it’s not being used for anything at the moment so it’s kind of been a topic of discussion on NDSU’s campus,” research & writer Oliver Sime said.

“So it’s very important that we put these fascinating stories into words and into video so that people going forward can remember the stories of these local heros,” research & writer Braden Kirkey said.

The school puts puts on these documentaries annually to showcase historical information and events in the valley and North Dakota.

The teacher for the group of scholars says if you missed the screening, they will be posting it next week at fargohistory.com

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