Golden Drive Gives Back To People In Need

Kids and families are given a goodie bag filled with basic necessities, winter clothing and toys.

FARGO, N.D.- For Sue Baron, it all started with a crayon.

“I picked up the crayon, the coloring crayon at a job I was at. I picked that up in 2012, I was simply going to buy coloring books and drop them off at a shelter, but as you can see that has changed, that has changed,” says Sue Baron, Founder of the Golden Drive.

Deciding that it was not enough, she decided to create a non-profit organization called “Golden Drive.”

She hosts events throughout the year that helps those in need in the community.

“A lot of tears. A lot of tears already, it’s been, like once again, words can’t touch the feeling when you’re just reaching out and you want to help, bring happiness. Let them know that they are cared for that they are wanted, they are loved. And that’s a big part of the Golden Drive,” she says.

This event in particular, “Golden Drive Homeless Kids” helps kids and families during Christmas time.

A sign that says “Homelessness is not a crime” hangs over the room hopes to remove that stigma and misconception that a lot of people have.

“Homeless people are brothers, are sisters, are mothers, are fathers, are grandparents. They’re all very important people that have done nothing. Medical can make you homeless, poverty. A lot of people are a paycheck away from poverty,” she adds.

This is something that knows first hand Alicia Clark has experienced first-hand.

“When people think, Oh you’re taking advantage of the state, or the funding, or you’re doing this just because you can get it. It’s not necessarily that it’s you trying to better yourself and better your family,” says Alicia Clark, who’s participating on the Golden Drive Homeless Kids.

Sue says all it takes is one person to start making an impact.

“One person can make a difference. It just takes one. Please reach out to a shelter, call emergency food pantry, there are many ways you can make a difference. And whatever we put out in the world it comes back. So, if we put out the good, the good will come back,” she says.


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