Hornbacher’s and Cloverdale Donate Hams to Local Organizations

The hams are given to 3 local nonprofits for people in need this holiday season

FARGO, N.D. — Hornbacher’s is teaming up with Cloverdale Foods to provide more than $20,000 worth of hams to local nonprofits.

They are going to the Emergency Food Shelter, Dorothy Day Food Pantry, and The Salvation Army in Fargo.

The Salvation Army is receiving more than 400 hams, which will be included in their free Christmas food boxes, given to families in need this holiday season.

“To have a traditional Christmas dinner is additional stress on top of all the other stresses that, of financially and otherwise at Christmas time, so to be able to just, without stress, provide a nice Christmas dinner is just a great thing to do,” says Salvation Army Major Vangie O’Neil.

The food boxes also include potatoes, vegetables, cranberries, bread and other foods.

They’ll be distributed Thursday morning at 10 o’clock at the Fargo Civic Center.

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