Friends, Family, and Fun on Christmas Eve with the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a special Christmas Eve meal every year for the less fortunate in our region.

FARGO, ND – For the last twenty five years, volunteers from the Community Presbyterian Church have been cooking up a special Christmas Eve dinner for the less fortunate at the Salvation Army.

Dixon Moorhead has been a part of the dinners every year since they began.

“We feel good about what we do. This is our gift to them, and we are using the gift of the Salvation army to do it.” said Dixon Moorhead, an organizer from the Community Presbyterian Church in West Fargo.

“The joy it brings when you’re able to help serve a meal, or provide someone with a hello or a hug, or just interacting with them. It’s something we love doing and will continue to do in the future.” said Captain Shane Jensen of the Salvation Army.

This year, Dixon is helping to organize, and theres a good reason for that.

“I’ve been banned from the kitchen. It happened a few years ago. Everybody seems to forget exactly why, but it went something like ‘Dixon, you’re in the kitchen! Get out!” said Dixon.

The staff in the kitchen is cooking up a meal that includes ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, and peach cobbler.

For the volunteers and staff at the Salvation Army, this dinner means more to them then just an opportunity to serve the community. It’s their way of building friendships and family with those who usually don’t have family or friends during the holidays.

“There’s a gentleman here, his name is Jimmy. He comes to our meals a lot. One of my favorite things to do is to check in with him when he comes in. I think that’s where my joy comes from.” said Captain Jensen.

Jimmy’s been coming to the Salvation Army dinners for the last two years, but he’s been a member of the Salvation Army’s church for nearly a decade.

His sense of humor is infectious and brings humor to all the volunteers who serve him. He shares a special bond with one member of the staff in particular: Captain Jensen.

“He’s the best friend I’ve ever had that knocked me down with a golf cart.” said James “Jimmy” Newgren.

Jimmy and Captain Jensen talk a lot during the holidays.

“We talk for about two hours. An exagerated two. We talk about santa.” said Jimmy.

As well as a nice Christmas Eve dinner, Jimmy is also celebrating his Birthday, and theirs only one present he wants more then spending time with his friends and new family.

“Tell [Santa] to get me a new scooter!” said Jimmy.

With warm hearts, and caring minds, this is one joyous Christmas eve dinner for everybody involved.

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