Sen. Cramer says Senate impeachment trial will be more fair than House hearings

He says the sooner the Senate can start the impeachment trial the sooner they can end it.

FARGO, N.D. – North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer ┬áhopes the Senate can receive the articles from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi before it gets back from holiday recess on January 6th so they can begin hearings.

Pelosi wants to see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plans for a Senate trial before sending them over.

Cramer says working with the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will guarantee a more fair process than was conducted in the House.

“I would hope that both Republicans and Democrats can come together on a rules package that allows us at least the first couple of weeks. Just hearing from the managers, hearing from the President’s lawyers, asking their own questions. And having another phase where we would consider whether or not to have more witnesses and gather more information or whether we can simply act on the case the House has brought us,” Says Senator Cramer.

Sen. Cramer believes Speaker Pelosi is trying to manipulate the Senate process by withholding the articles of impeachment.


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