Rumble On The Red wrestling tournament continues despite winter storm

For many who traveled from different states, missing the tournament was not an option

FARGO, N.D.- For many who traveled from different states, missing the Rumble on the Red wrestling tournament was not an option.

“Talking to the majority of them. They’re here tomorrow regardless, so they want to wrestle. As long as the city roads are open, let’s wrestle,” says Steve Saxlund, Organizer of “Rumble on the Red.”

They say it’s always hard to predict the weather during these times.

“You’re having 2,500 athletes come to an event in Fargo in the middle of winter and storms. It’s seems like we’ve been having them the last couple of years, which is always a challenge and makes it stressful. So, you plan all year for an event and then..You can’t control mother nature,” he says.

Even with the weather conditions, the athletes say they always enjoy coming to these big events.

“It’s really fun, it’s almost like a mini state tournament, because there is some very good guys battling,” says Garrison Solliday, a Wrestler.

Even though matches last only a couple of minutes, it can be physically demanding.

“Everyone sees the like, ‘Oh congrats you did a good job,’ but no one really realizes how long 6 minutes is when you’re actually going at it, going hard. Moving someone around for 6 minutes is not easy at all,” he says.

Although he didn’t win, Solliday says he believes he gave it his all.

“I got second place in the championship. It was a good match, I mean the guy, he deserved to win. So, I felt like it was overall good. I felt like I wrestled good,” he says.

He loves that wrestling is about being a one-team player and you don’t have to rely on someone else to do their part.

“It’s you versus someone else, there’s no one interfering. It’s what you can do and what they can do. It’s not as a team sport, oh I did my job. But, someone else didn’t do their job. It’s all on you, and so people really get to see what you can do,” Solliday says.

“Rumble on the Red” will continue Sunday with the Rumble Youth Individual Tournament.

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