Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus Hosts Spring Kickoff

The group of singers caught up together for a potluck and some practice

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus hosted its 2020 spring kickoff.

The group of singers caught up for the first time since their holiday concert with a potluck and some practice.

The group went over plans for future concerts coming up this year, as well as, taking the time to allow more members to join their crew.

The singers say their chorus is a close knit group that is a blast to perform in.

“We hang out together outside of rehearsals and stuff often. When we aren’t, we are having rehearsals. It feels like something is missing when we are not having rehearsals cause I miss everybody. We help each other out and are just there for everybody,” Board of Directors and Marketing Chair Tony Christensen said.

The group has a concert coming up in late April and they are always accepting members.

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