House made by Davies students showcased

The home is expected to be completed by the end of the school year. 

FARGO, N.D.- Students at Davies High School host open house to family and friends to showcase their latest class built home.

Students enrolled in the Career and Technical Education courses are getting the opportunity to learn to build a home from scratch.

“We do a shed in the spring. So we do a floor, we do walls, we do roofs and things like that. So, once we get that done, a lot of the book work and everything happens in construction I. Then, when they become seniors, they take construction II and that’s where we built the house from start to finish,” says Ron Streit, the teacher at Davies High School.

He wants his students to know how to be able to solve common problems that you might be faced with.

“I always say auto classes. Everybody’s going to drive a car. Can you fix your flat tire?

Can you change your oil or whatever? And here is the same things. Can you change a doorknob?

Can you change a door slide on your cabinet? Can you tighten up something if you need to,” he says.

Students say this program has taught them to work together.

“Teamwork. Cause if you have one person who’s not doing anything it can slow everything down,” says John Covert, a Senior at Davies High School.

“Just like communications skills and how to communicate with other people better and be more patient,” says Dakota Paulson, a Senior at Davies High School.

They add that anyone who can take the class should.

“If there’s a class like this offered you should probably take because it teaches you a lot of skills that you need for the future and it also gives you some of the best friendships that you’ll have,” Paulson adds.

The 1,800 square foot house will have three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms.

The expected cost of the home is of around 95-thousand dollars.


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