Bison fans blanket Frisco in green and yellow

FRISCO, Texas – Many people would love to go south for the winter just for the weather. Bison fans are being snowbirds for the week to watch their team in the FCS Championship game.

Regardless of how the game unfolds on Saturday, if there’s a storyline outside of what happens on the field, it’s that Bison Nation proved once again had the team’s back.

Fandom has a way of taking you places. When it comes to following a team for the big game, the Bison faithful are no exception, especially when it leads them to Frisco, Texas.

bryon smith / ndsu alumĀ  t: “You could be walking down the street and the locals, ‘Go Bison! Go Bison!’ you don’t hear any go JMU, go Towson or go Sam Houston. They know where their bread and butter is,” North Dakota State alumnus Bryon Smith said.

With NDSU returning to what’s become known as Fargo South for the eighth time in nine years, locals know what expect when everyone arrives.

“It’s probably our busiest time of year. Busiest three days that we work. No breaks. I mean, it’s crazy. It’s a lot of fun. We enjoy it. We’ve been preparing for about two weeks,” Twin Peaks Waitress Mackenzie Feland said.

“The Midwesterners come down and literally take over Frisco. We have the Bison Tracker (app) so we can see them coming on their way down they all check in. It’s pretty neat. It’s really cool,” Twin Peaks Manager Samantha Darrah said.

As more and more of those dots begin to light up around Frisco, it’s another example that fan loyalty has no boundaries.

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