Fargo K9 Duo Remembers America’s Top Dog Victory

The Duo Moved Onto The Final Rounds That Will Air Later In The Year

FARGO, N.D. – For TV star and police K9 Falco and his handler, Officer David Cochran were told they would be competing in the A&E’s America’s Top Dog it was an exciting moment for the pair.

“We had auditioned for a spot on the show so they have really must of liked him so very neat opportunity,” Cochran said.

Cochran who always had a love for dogs says he had his eye on Falco at a very young age.

They have fostered that connection to build a beautiful friendship.

“We spend every day together and work together everyday so it’s kind of hard not to fall in love with the bond we have,” Cochran said.

And keeping up with this playful pooch takes a lot of hard work.

“He’s high energy we will go and make sure to bleed that energy off so lots of walks,” Cochran said.

That high energy helped pay off with his victory on the show.

“We do a lot of training environmentally to begin with and a lot of his certification involves jumping over and climbing on top of things you know he can climb up a ladder,” Cochran said.

When he not wowing people on television he’s putting his snout to some serious use.

“We get called into the more serious crimes and more and more serious crimes. We are a tool for officers basically we are looking for drugs we come in and we validate what their suspicions are already,” Cochran said.

While Falco may be getting up in age, Cochran hopes to have Falco at his side for plenty of more missions to come.

“If I get can another two three years ya know out of them I would be really happy, he certainly doesn’t act like he’s almost 9 years old so we will have to wait and see,” Cochran said.

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