Bison Fans Support Team From Fargo

The Team Capped Off Its Perfect Season With The FCS Championship

FARGO, N.D. — Bison fans herding into the Fargo Herd & Horns to celebrate their perfect season championship run.

For Assistant General Manager Frank Thomas, it’s been a good season for the restaurant

“Oh ya this is Bison game day, it’s always big for us we are a family friendly environment so we allow kids in and so it’s championship everybody is excited that is not in Texas is here,” Thomas said.

A big push is to make sure Bison fans of all ages are welcome when they come in.

“A lot of places don’t allow kids in town so it’s good to have kids and families ya know we are a family friendly environment and it’s just good for everybody from the staff to the customers,”Thomas said.

Although it’s the Bison’s biggest game, it’s not the busiest business day for the restaurant.

“Mostly because it everyone who would be here are in Texas right now so it still is a big game us we have got a full bar and having a good time,” Thomas said.

But Thomas says the energy in the restaurant is high once the Bison hit the field.

The constant energy of everybody here the staff just work their butts off the whole time and its just fun to have everyone around and everybody is excited from the staff to the customers,” Thomas said.

For Thomas, who has lived in the area for over a decade now and is a fan of the team, it’s always a fun time when it’s game-time.

“Ya know most of the time they’re fun to watch when they are not blowing people out, but other than that ya know who doesn’t love a championship team and that’s what we have here,” Thomas said.

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