Sandy’s Donuts to provide vegan options

Vegan donuts will be available at all locations beginning Tuesday

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Sandy’s Donuts is revealing a new recipe for vegans who still want to indulge.

Vegan donuts will be available at all Sandy’s locations starting Tuesday morning.

The shop is offering seven different kinds, including glazed, cookies and cream, and dark chocolate.

The treats are made without any milk or egg products.

The owner of Sandy’s says this idea came about to cater to vegans and those with dairy or egg allergies.

“This won’t be our, you know, where we make our money. This is something we want to do for the community and for those kids who can’t have donuts, so it’s just a fun part of the community. You’re not doing it all just so you can make money,” says Sandy’s Donuts owner Mark Ostlund.

Sandy’s is also working on a gluten-free recipe, but that one isn’t ready quite yet.

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