Fargo-Moorhead Area Deals Winter Storm

As conditions worsen Emptying says it's best to just get off the road as quickly and safely as possible.

FARGO-MOORHEAD – In West Fargo plows are steaming through across the streets and avenues of the town.

This route is just one of many the city is going to be making throughout the weekend.

“We are kind of running two shifts a day crew and a night crew just waiting out the storm and see what it’s going to do right now we are just hitting all the snow emergency routes just fighting all the drifting snow right now waiting for whenever the snow actually starts,” West Fargo Public Works Director Matthew Andvik said.

These plow drivers are working around the clock and say you need to be aware of where they are if you are going out in this weather.

“With conditions like they are now as soon as the snow starts with this wind in the open areas in the south part of town the visibility is going to be near zero most of the time,”Andvik said.

They say it’s important if you’re in the city you need to move your vehicle so plows can have an easier time getting work done overnight.

“If possible park in a driveway or park off the street I know that’s not possible in every area but if you have that opportunity park on the street it will greatly improve our chances of getting through and clean the streets a lot better,”

We also have had reports of accidents from highway officials from both Minnesota and North Dakota so you need to take it slow.

“Really difficult conditions at this point we are hoping everybody stays in heeds our warning stays in today because it is difficult out there,” Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting said.

As conditions worsen Emptying says it’s best to just get off the road as quickly and safely as possible.

“Everybody thinks that the secondary roads are going to be better then the main roads are not they are actually worse.

If you’re out traveling find a place to hunker down for the night until this storm passes through,” Empting said.

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