Driving Conditions Leave Some Truck Drivers Stuck in Fargo

One truck driver was headed to Forest River, but extreme weather made it impossible to leave


FARGO, N.D.- Melvin Ott was headed north to refill the truck after doing a delivery, but weather conditions changed those plans.

“I was delivering yesterday off exit 69, about six miles up the road and I was suppose to go to Forest River to reload yesterday and couldn’t make it. It’s too dangerous,” says Ott.

He says road conditions made it impossible for him to drive.

“When I was coming here they were very icy, and started to get a snow patch, which I haven’t been out since like I said yesterday morning and I probably won’t leave here until monday morning,” he says.

Although it’s an inconvenience, he says he’s accustomed to it.

“It’s part of the job. I’ve been doing this close to forty years now. I’m used to it,” he says.

He says he’s always prepared, especially during the winter months.

“A have a refrigerator, a microwave, TV. I carry extra food, I carry extra water, I carry extra blankets. It’s just normal that I have it there. If I do get caught out on the road stuck, I have something to eat. I have something to drink. Something to read,” Ott says.

He says even those who drive carefully and have years of experience can have an accident because of the icy roads.

“Six miles up the road to here, I’ve seen seven cars in the ditch,” he says.

“I myself have slipped and there’s really no fault, you go slow, even at 20 miles per hour you can break traction,” he adds.

Ott is expected to return to his home in Ohio Monday night.

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