Baha’i Faith Community Hosts World Religion Day

The Group Says The Main Message Is To Spread Tolerance And Acceptance In The Community

FARGO, N.D. — People packed into West Acres’ community room for the annual World Religion Day Celebration.

The celebration is hosted by the Fargo-Moorhead Baha’i Faith Community.

They say they are there to hand out some important lessons.

“We had a lot of youth come in; we were just trying to tell them that there is a chance for everybody to get along with each other and that all the religions in the world come from the same source.”

Joseph Lewis who is an international student at Minnesota State University Moorhead says the Baha’i community has been a big part of his life.

“The Baha’i community has been part of my life since I was back home in Liberia and has helped me practice my faith as well.”

Lewis says his decision to join was from the positive message of the group.

“The Baha’i faith is to unite people of different races, different colors, different religion and to be able to promote peace and harmony on the face of the earth.

Lewis says the three years he’s now spent in the Fargo Moorhead area have been positive.

“Back home, 40 degrees is very cool. We don’t want to get out and here it gets way below that but also what is interesting about Fargo Moorhead is the diversity that exists here and the level of tolerance and warm heartedness everyone has for here and other parts of the world.”

John says it’s also about opening up a dialogue in the community.

“Be willing to exchange views and share their understanding of religion with each other even though we might worship differently we are all worshiping the same god.”

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