New Ways To Vote Early in ND Democratic Presidential Primary

FARGO, N.D. – Early voting is underway in North Dakota for the Democratic Presidential Primary and the Dem-NPL has a new initiative that makes voting more accessible.
Until February 25th, any eligible voter in North Dakota may request a mail-in balllot for the primary.
Those ballots must be in the mail by March 5th.
Voters will see 13 candidates on the ballot including Democrat front-runners Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.
“For voters here in North Dakota, this is their chance to have a say in the Democratic Presidential process. Some might say ‘North Dakota’s a small state, we don’t get many delegates, it doesn’t matter.’ I would counter that by saying because their are so many candidates still in the race, every last vote and every last delegate is going to matter,” said Kylie Oversen, the Chair of the Dem-NPL in North Dakota.
All eligible voters will also be able to cast their votes in person during the primary on March 10th.
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