Democratic-NPL Party not concerned Iowa issues could happen in ND caucus

NORTH DAKOTA – The Democratic-NPL Chair says North Dakotans shouldn’t worry about results being delayed like in Iowa.

It’s a different process for voting in North Dakota’s caucus on March 10th.

You can request a mail-in ballot by phone, email or online and send it in by March 5th. There are also 14 locations to vote in person in the so-called “firehouse caucus.”

Voters can fill out their ballots from 11:00 to 7:00 central time. Unlike the 2016 caucus, once you fill out your ballot, you’re free to leave.

“Our process is very different. We have different mechanisms for voting. We think easier and more accessible, inclusive methods of voting,” North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chair Kylie Oversen said.

Votes in Cass and Burleigh Counties will be counted by machine and others will be by hand. The votes will then be tabulated by a third party vendor.

Click here for more information on North Dakota’s caucus including where to vote.

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