Sanford Health Offers Hospice Care At Broadway Medical Center

The program also supports services including social work, spiritual care and volunteer support.

FARGO, N.D. — The Sanford Broadway Medical Center cut the ribbon on the newest section of the hospital.

The Sanford Fargo Hospice House opened its doors on the second floor. It will offer services that go beyond its patient services.

The new hospice will allow families and patients to experience end of life care in the comforts of staying in the same place and the same staff they come to know.

“I think that’s really nice to have that comfort, particularly in the difficult times of life to have comfort in their caregivers, people that they know.

To continue having that nice warm hand-off in our system is a big boost for patients,” Vice President Medical Office Of Sanford Health Doug Griffin said.

“Here in the family dining room at Sanford when they were putting everything together, they were not only just thinking about the patient but the family unit as a whole. That’s why they loaded up this entire kitchen so they way people who would come here would feel like they are at home, away from home.”

The multiroom center also includes a family sleeping space and a private consult space. It has patients already lining up to get registered.

“So, we started this week. It’s 10 beds so it’s not a giant space but it will absolutely fit the need and were already about half capacity at this point,”Vice President Of Operations, Sanford Health Brittany Montecuollo said.

Being able to put together this top of the line care into the F-M area took a lot of work.

“We would not be able to do this as Sanford alone we had so many community members who were engaged and were selfless and donated their time there energy and there ideas and financially to make this happen,” Montecuollo said.

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