A Program at Edgewood Wants To Lend A Hand To Caregivers

A family is looking for extra help as the father struggles with dementia.

FARGO, N.D.- “Anybody that knows my father, he’s just a jolly, just patient, carefree man and loves to be social and all that stuff so, it’s very hard to see him now. He’s just lost,” says Natalie Mccleary, whose parents are residents at Edgewood.

It’s been a difficult couple of years for Natalie and her family.

Especially her mom, who has been the sole caregiver of her dad.

They have been living at Edgewood for ten years and three years ago, her father got diagnosed with dementia.

“It’s been a huge struggle for my mother. She is the one that cares for him and everything, and as he  gets worse and worse, it’s also very stressful for her,” she says.

The new program at Edgewood gives caregivers who take care of people suffering from some sort of dementia the opportunity to take a day off. Whether that’s to run errands, take the day for yourself and even go on a vacation.

“He needs 24/7 care, mother showers and does all that stuff with him, dresses him, and it’s a big burden on her. And we’re not only worried about our father, but we also have a mother to worry about,” Mccleary says.

Short term residents will be able to receive 24 hour care from professionals and even get in with some activities.

“A lot of residents have been living in their home and haven’t had access to go to church or do other things because they relied on their family members, but here everything is at their fingertips. You don’t have to ask. They can see it and just do it so that independence. We can foster that and give them the best quality of life,” says Brooke Zarling, the Life Enrichment Director.

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