“Snoway But Up & Snoway But Round” Competition

Unique Annual Event Hits Detroit Mountain

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Most people think of hitting the slopes by bringing things like skis and snowboards.

A group of competitors are doing the unconventional, in a set of wacky races for a good cause.

There is a silence through the hills of Detroit Mountain near Detroit Lakes as the ski lifts are at a halt before opening for the day.

But for these competitors they don’t need the lifts or a helping hand.”The sno-way but up is an anything goes type of race, so we got runners, we got snow shoers, Nordic skiers, runners with skis, runners with sleds the only thing you can’t be on is a bike,” said Jeff Staley, general manager.

This year’s Sno-Way But Up race turned into a one on one competition.

Thaddeus McCamant has been cross country skiing since the late 70’s, he says the excitement from skiing runs through his blood.

“I often use it in terms of addiction, I’m addicted to aerobic activity what can you do in Detroit Lakes in the winter but cross country skiing is a good way to keep the blues away and stay in shape.”

His strategy is to carry his skis as he runs up the hill and then uses the skis to help slide down to save time.

“When I’m on the trail just sliding by and looking by at the scenery, seeing porcupines things like that, that’s the pinnacle.”

The pair’s race is only just the first half, As the fat bikes are rolling in for their run at the hill.

Everyone out here is helping raise money to help support local kids.

“The ski angel scholarship program brings hundreds of kids out each winter and we give them an opportunity to ski, provide them lessons, give them a meal.”

Greg Ames who’s comes to the mountain all the time brought his 10 year old son to not only raise money, but also have fun.

“Yup, he’s kind of been somewhat forced into doing all the dumb things I like to do and I found that he actually enjoys this one *laughs*

He says there is some skill involved using a fatbike to traverse Detroit Mountain.

“It’s not easy, but it’s doable, the fat bike are things that are coming around more and more, it’s now kind of a more mature set of equipment nowadays instead of when it used to be the weirdo on the bike in the winter.”

Although this race is once a year, Ames has a simple message on why you should hop on a bike and ride.

“Oh why wouldn’t ya?”

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