NDSU Spring Career Expo Opens Doors & Solves Problems

The expo offered a panel on using inclusion in the work force to solve the state wide shortage.

FARGO, N.D. – A work force shortage throughout the whole state has companies scratching their heads to find a solution.

By connecting students and recent graduates with companies, the NDSU Spring Career Expo offers one piece to a larger puzzle.

“When I started going to the expo, we didn’t have any students that would recognize Black Gold Farms. Now we have students who are targeting us and looking to come work with us,” said katie Scharfe, a talent acquisition manager for Black Gold Farms, “I’d say it’s a very important expo.”

The agriculture industry is diversifying it’s available career fields, and many ag companies are looking for applicants in the accounting and IT fields.

The expo also offered a panel on using inclusion in the work force to solve the state wide shortage.

“We as employers need to figure out new and unique ways to reach out to these populations. I’m talking about populations such as people with neurodiversity concerns, new Americans, veterans and second chance citizens,” said James Whirlwind Soldier, who handles Employee Relations and Community Outreach for Goldmark.

The panel says that the hiring process is outdated and can exclude a lot of applicants from the hiring pool.

Job descriptions are one area many companies get wrong, especially when it comes to the listed requirements.

Men are less likely to apply to a job that they only match 60% of the requirements for, while woman will hesitate to apply at all if they don’t meet 100% of the requirements.

“You can have a man apply for a position that might meet only 60% of the stated qualifications. You might have a woman that meets 85% but she will not apply. We’re missing out on that most qualified fit just based on the methodology,” said James.

Peter Chamberlain is the founder of WalkWise, a start up in Fargo that develops specialized technology for walkers to track fitness and prevent injury in the elderly.

He says that diversity in the work force is extremely important in order for his business to succeed.

“Age affects everyone, regardless of their culture or background, so we need to have a diverse team, and a diverse perspective on things if we’re going to succeed,” said Peter Chamberlain.

The Work Force Shortage may be a complex issue, but NDSU and the Spring Career Expo are looking to solve it one piece of the puzzle at a time.

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