Organization Offering Free Kidney Screeings

The Organization Is Always Looking For Volunteer

FARGO, N.D. — At the Downtown YMCA in Fargo the National Kidney Foundation is getting set up to help offer people in the community free kidney screenings.

“The statistics is 37 million Americans which is 1 in 7 Americans and less than 10 percent are undiagnosed, so it’s really an opportunity for us to get people in for free and know their own risk factors,” Community Outreach Manager, Gene Dickey said.

This is the third year the group has been offering a helping hand to the community. For Gene, the fight to help others has a personal connection.

“I, myself, am a two time transplant recipient so I’m very involved in that aspect of the organization,” Dickey said.

Gene says he has used his experiences to help others and raise awareness.

“I was originally diagnosed in college and really had no warning signs or anything. We just found it by accident and nine years later I had my first transplant and eventually had it rejected, and had my second transplant about three years later,” Dickey said.

Gene is not alone. Out of the staff helping out as volunteers, Chris Brown does his own dialysis treatment at home for his disease.

“Most people on dialysis go into a center to do it, I do it at home, I do everything myself and doing at home dialysis is a lot healthier, the toxins don’t build up but ya it’s a lot of work, it’s hard on your body dialysis is hard on your body,” Brown said.

Brown is working to create a community of people with kidney disease called F-M Kidney Warriors. He says having a community around helps in the fight.

“Stay connected, this is a disease that really you can get isolated in, you gotta just stay connected with other people and stay involved,” Brown said.

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