First Responders Teach People How To Save A Life In Minutes

The event is celebrating its sixth year

FARGO, N.D.- Local emergency responders invite anyone in the community to come in for a quick lesson on how to prevent a heart attack, as well as what to do in case it happens.

They have about 20 mannequins ready to teach individuals or big groups.

Organizers say it’s important to learn CPR because you never know if it might happen to someone close you.

“Everybody thinks it won’t happen to me, right and unfortunately most cardiac events happen in the home. And we’re not going to have an AED there, so someone in that house needs to be able to provide CPR, profuse that brain with oxygen until firefighters , police officers or paramedics can get there,” says Kathy Lonski, an Organizer at Save Life Saturday.

Around 400 people were expected to stop in for the event.

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