Tri-City Soccer Club showcases new home, invites community to open house

Those at Tri-City say the club's goal is to make soccer accessible to all

FARGO, N.D. — Those at Tri-City Soccer Club in Fargo say soccer is for everyone.

“Anybody can play. Any age, any skill level, you can play and all it takes is a ball and a couple people, you know, a ball and two shoes, you got a goal,” says the club’s Executive Director John Ross.

The goal of this club is to make the sport accessible to all.

Although the organization has been around for several years, it only recently found a home for its indoor turf field.

“We were all banging our heads, trying to, how do we get a facility going? You know, this area really needs it,” says Ross.

What used to be the Sports Bubble is now the Storm Shelter.

An open house with prizes, inflatables and soccer skill stations is showing the community all that Tri-City has to offer.

“I went over, and I shot over there, and my coach was over there playing goalie,” says 8-year-old Luke Newman of Fargo.

For kids like Luke, playing sports comes naturally.

“I was hitting off a baseball when I was 18 months. I kept putting it up and swinging it, and my first word was ‘ball.'”

But those at Tri-City say the facility is open to all skill levels.

And with scholarships that provide the opportunity of playing soccer to youth who wouldn’t be able to otherwise, the club hopes to help local kids realize their full potential.

“As a community, we have to all be active because, you know, we’re active, we’re going to be healthier, we’re going to be in better spirits, and it allows us to deal with some of those cold winter months, but at the same time, it gives us opportunities to build competitive athletes, to make sure everybody’s healthy and strong,” says Ross.

“Having facilities like this and for John and Tri-City to open up for the community is so awesome, you know, get the kids out, running around and having fun,” says parent and former Bison quarterback Steve Walker.

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