Congressman Kelly Armstrong Launches Re-Election Campaign

His campaign promises to address many bipartisan issues, as well as what he says matters most to North Dakotans.

FARGO, N.D. – Congressman Kelly Armstrong launched his re-election campaign with the same slogan from the last campaign, ‘Let’s Get To Work’.

“As somebody who served on the judiciary committee, we have done no work in two years on the judiciary committee. All we have done is partisan impeachment. That’s it. That’s all we’ve done for two years. ‘Let’s Get To Work’ is probably a pretty good slogan for Congress at this point,” said Rep. Armstrong.

One issue Armstrong says is important to North Dakotans is immigration.

“We have 30,000 open jobs in North Dakota, and we’ve got an agriculture labor shortage, and we’ve got a broken agriculture labor immigration system,” said Rep. Armstrong,  “We also have people in North Dakota that absolutely believe in border security, and believe in those issues.”

His campaign also promises to address many bipartisan issues, as well as what he says matters most to North Dakotans.

“I will work with my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. I’ll work with them on prescription drug pricing, I’ll work with them on immigration, and I’ll work with them on criminal justice reform, but there are things I will not waver on,” said Armstrong.

“I won’t waver on life, I will not waver on our second amendment rights, and I will not waver on a federal government that wants to put regulation in place that will stifle North Dakota businesses, North Dakota families, North Dakota farms, and the North Dakota way of life.”

The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party says that Armstrong’s refusal to step away from party lines hurts North Dakota.

“What we’ve seen from Rep. Armstrong is really an unwillingness to step away from the party lines,” said Kylie Oversen, the Chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party.

“He’s been lockstep in line with the President on most things, and sometimes that’s the right call for North Dakota, but not always, and we need someone who will stand up to their party when it’s warranted, especially when it matters most to North Dakotans, and that’s been on issues of healthcare and issues of agriculture and supporting our farmers.”

According to, Out of the 106 bills Congressman Armstrong co-sponsored, 49% of them were introduced by legislators who are not Republicans.

Democrat Zach Raknerud hopes he can present a challenge to Armstrong.

His policies range from medicare for all, to protecting social security and introducing incentives for farming hemp.

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