Ten People Are Being Monitored For The Coronavirus In North Dakota

The ten individuals recently traveled to China.

NORTH DAKOTA – The ten individuals being monitored for Corona virus have recently traveled to China.

“We are calling them, testing them, or somehow communicating with these persons and asking you know, symptom history whether or not they have a temperature and how they are dealing in general,” says Brenton Nesemeier, the Field Epidemiologist at the North Dakota Department of Health.

This is part of a nationwide effort to prevent the spread of the disease.

“When they get off the plane those whose flights originated from China, they get their temperature check and they’re going through history, or some medical history with someone at the airport. And then that information is related back to North Dakota, and we do the follow up for 14 days while they’re back in North Dakota,” he says.

They do this so if they show symptoms they can take the necessary steps.

“We do this so if they were to develop symptoms, or they were to get sick, we would be on top of it and let healthcare providers know and provide directions to them so that they can seek medical care without possibly exposing others,” Nesemeier says.

Although there are now ten people being monitored in the state for the Coronavirus, Health Officials emphasize that the risk for infection still remains low.

“We don’t want people to change their everyday habits because of it. We still want you to go on public and live your life,” he adds.

They say it’s still important to know the symptoms because it’s good to keep up with current events and know what’s going on, especially if you recently travelled to China or are planning a trip to China.

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