Supporters Come In Droves To Support Amy Klobuchar At Rally

The Senator Also Made Stops In Little Rock Arkansas And Oklahoma City

FARGO, N.D. — Candy Tessman and her husband Brian of Fargo have been backing Amy since the beginning.

“I watched her on tv last winter when she declared her intentions to run for president, I have been a fan all along,” Candy said.

The pair used to be Republicans but say they felt the need to switch to voting for moderate Democrats like Klobuchar and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“Both brought up Republican, very strong Republican but we feel that we have just been abandoned by the party,”

Brian a former teacher, says he feels people like Klobuchar will help solve the divide in our country and the divide between the two parties.

“On either side Liberal or Conservative and both sides are just too extreme, way too extreme.”

Candy says her support for the Minnesota senator comes from Klobuchar’s understanding of rural America and the working class.

“Openness and inclusiveness, just growing up and knowing what it’s like in rural areas would be helpful.”

She says Klobuchar will do better then Hillary Clinton did against Trump in a general eleciton.

“She’s just more likeable I think and I feel has a lot more of the Midwest values.”

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