NDSU Students Recreate History Of 1787 Constitutional Convention

The group debated how to create the legislature, voting rights and taxation.

FARGO, N.D. — NDSU students packed into the Memorial Union for Recreating the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

“A key part of what a university should be doing is freeing the students to have those debates and discussions in a simulated setting to take on the roles of the founders gives them an opportunity to do just that,” NDSU Program Director and Game Manager, Ryan Yonk said.

The students acted as key historical figures of the convention like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

The group debated how to create the legislature, voting rights and taxation.

“I honestly haven’t had a history class in a little bit *laughs* so this will be a nice refresher,” NDSU Student Chloe Spoden said.

The students didn’t know the roles they would be playing at the debate until they walked into the door.

“I was excited to hear this one, I would have been excited with a bigger role too but Alexander Hamiltion is definitely a well known figure,” Zachery Tiedeman said.

Figures assigned to the students placed them into political circles like Federalists and Nationalists.

“It will be fun it will be hard not to argue and be like a moderator,” Spoden laughingly said.

Although the scene is set in the 17 hundreds, the students here are learning 21st century skills.

“Learning how to engage with people who may disagree with us have different values and understandings, I think is the key thing students walk away like this,” Yonk said.

Students say the experiences they have from this game is something that is one of a kind.

“Actually engaging in something helps you learn better, so I would say cause you actually get to play a role, take a stance you will have more to take away from it,” Spoden said.

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