Geeking Out Over A Town Of The Week Tie

Adam Ladwig Has Been Waiting For This Moment for Years


I’ve been working here for almost four and a half years, and I’ve been waiting for something to happen that entire time. I, like many of you, love Rob Kupec’s Town of the Week. I love how he highlights all the unique small towns that make up our amazing region. But I’ve always had one question, and we finally got an answer this week.

Horace and Barnesville tied this week! Exactly 1828 people voted for each town. I’ve wanted to see what would happen with a tie for YEARS. What is a Kupec to do? Well, being the most gracious and kind person working here, Rob made everyone happy. He did TWO towns of the week this week!
So we got to learn great tidbits about Horace, like how the town is named after newspaper publisher Horace Greeley because a lot of people there voted for him when he ran against Ulysses Grant for president.

Or how Barnesville split in the 1880s, with some people creating a New Barnesville, only to come back together by the end of the decade. Those kinds of historical tidbits I love! Now I kinda hope every week is a tie. We’ll get twice the fun with Rob! And before you ask, I have no idea how this will affect the Town of the Year tournament coming up this summer.

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