Staff in place at Bloomberg Fargo campaign office

The presidential candidate is trying to drum up support before Minnesota's Super Tuesday and North Dakota's caucuses

FARGO, N.D. — Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is getting his field staff in place ahead of Minnesota’s primary on Tuesday and North Dakota’s caucuses on March 10th.

The downtown Fargo campaign office houses 11 field organizers for North Dakota and western Minnesota.

Staff members say voters are looking to elect a strong leader with a proven success record.

They say Bloomberg fits the bill after leading New York City as mayor for 12 years.

Other candidates have accused Bloomberg of trying to buy the election but his staff says that’s not the case.

“You can’t buy votes, right? You can get your message out there as best as you can and that’s what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to reach as many North Dakota voters as we can and share their message, share Mike Bloomberg’s message with them, and then they can make an informed decision,” says Bloomberg North Dakota Communications Director Jared Gilmour.

Bloomberg is also working on opening an office in Grand Forks before the state caucuses.

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