Area mayors speak to the importance of early testing during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

FARGO, N.D. -The mayors of Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead declare March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd knows the seriousness of the disease as he lost two grandfathers to colon cancer.

With colon cancer being the second leading cause of cancer deaths, the mayors and Essentia Health want to make it a focus. An early diagnosis can likely save lives. Getting tested is essential for the wellness of men and women over the age of 50.

The problem with many patients who die from the disease is that they spot it too late.

“This is something that is largely preventable, and when you look at the incidents of colon cancer it’s about 40 people per 100,000 develop cancer of the colon every year. The incident rates in Minnesota and North Dakota are essentially the same at that 40 per 100,000,” Hematology and Oncology Expert Dr. John Tate said.

Keeping up to date with your screening for all types of cancers is one way to pursue a longer, healthier life.

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