Bernie Sanders supporters create signs in preparation for Women’s March

They say Sanders is the ideal candidate because he is an advocate for all, especially women

FARGO, N.D. — Bernie Sanders supporters in the metro say they’re still feeling the Bern and are getting ready for a Women’s March.

Some of them got together at Atomic Coffee in Fargo to create signs for the march on Saturday.

Although former vice president Joe Biden won 10 of 14 Super Tuesday states, Sanders supporters remain optimistic and say it’s still early in the race.

They say it’s time to elect someone like Sanders, who is an advocate for people of all backgrounds, especially women.

“Women are hit the hardest by poverty. Economic disenfranchisement happens to women the most. By lifting up women and getting them out of those situations where they are dependent on men, we are unshackling them, freeing them from the patriarchy,” says Andrea Denault.

The 4th Annual Women’s March begins at noon Saturday at NDSU’s Memorial Union.

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