NDSU Students Job Shadow Professionals To Get Ready For The Real World

About 10 employees from Gate City Bank participated in the event.

FARGO, N.D. – The company that Tyler Rieger, a Senior at NDSU, originally wanted to shadow cancelled on him, but he still wanted to have the experience.

“I did learn quite a bit actually, coming into Gate City Bank. There were a lot of interesting aspects of this that I had no idea were part of the bank. Such as the fraud department, that part was interesting,” says NDSU student Tyler Rieger.

He says he would love to own a business one day, and coming here helped him learn more about the financial aspects of owning a business.

“That was actually one cool thing about coming here is to get to know, to answer a few more questions for myself, on the business aspect of, if you need to know what kind of loans you want to get, or investors, being able to get those questions answered was very helpful,” he says.

Tyler and four other students participated in the job program.

It originally started as a discussion at NDSU about how to give students an insight into the career paths of their choice before heading into the real world.

“The students and pretty much our future workforce know really behind the curtain. And know that day to day, things are a little bit different and not every job is just a job description. So, it is really nice for them to come behind the scenes and see what a day to day job is really like,” says Jeana Marshall, the Vice President  of Personal Lending Operations at Gate City Bank.

Tyler says having this experience made him more confident to head into the workforce.

“You get to actually understand what it’s like to be outside of the college in the field, and to be honest, that’s going to be very helpful. It actually calms me down, I would say. Because being able to graduate you don’t know how difficult everything’s going to be, but after just coming here and experiencing a day in life it’s actually pretty decent,” Rieger says.

The group finished the day with a discussion on their job shadow experience.

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