Breweries Celebrate International Women’s Day With Special Blend

The Drink Will Be On Sale On March 26th At Front Street Taproom

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Brewing Company, Junkyard Brewing Company and other breweries are putting together beer brewed by women.

“Basically we just want to recognize the women in our field. There are quite a few of us and it’s becoming more and more as the years go on so we just want to take and bring everyone together,” Taproom And Events Manager Jessica Click said.

Click says the brewing industry tends to be a male dominated field so she wants to help get more women in the industry.

“I kind of got in here just working fun events, concerts in the parking lot and helping out when I could and I just kept etching my foot in the door until they gave me a job,” Click said.

The brews won’t be ready for about two weeks as they go through processing, but once finished the beer will be canned and sold at Front Street in Fargo with every purchase made a dollar gets donated to the Rape And Abuse Crisis Center.

“I’m a stay at home mom and it was one of those things where my friend was running a taproom, also a female and we would really like to have you come in and help us out at work and it just turned into something that really worked out for my family,” DCR Brewing Company worker Jen said.

Jenn says it’s all about helping women and making a drink that everyone can enjoy.

We wanna make a really drinkable beer something that can sell to everybody, something that everybody can enjoy even if you’re the biggest beer connoisseur or just someone just trying to get into drinking beer, Jen said.

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