Healthy Blood Donors Needed for Hospital Patients Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The blood collection process is safe and has no impact on the donor's immune system.

FARGO, N.D.–Vitalant and other blood centers nationwide are encouraging healthy individuals to donate blood to ensure hospitals have enough in case COVID-19 infections increase.

All blood types and components are needed especially platelets and type O blood. Platelets only have a shelf life of five days so frequent donations are important, and type O blood is the universal blood type.

Dr. Ralph Vassallo, Vitalant’s chief medical and scientific officer said, “Hospitals will be extremely challenged if COVID-19 infections increase. The last thing we want them worrying about is having enough blood for trauma victims and cancer patients.”

Vitalant tries to maintain a four-day supply of blood and they say they are currently at less that half of that for many blood types.

The blood collection process is safe and has no impact on the donor’s immune system according to Vitalant.

Individuals who have visited Mainland China, South Korea, Iran or Italy within the last 28 days, have had a COVID-19 infection or been exposed to someone suspected of having COVID-19 are barred from donating blood.

Vitalant is monitoring the coronavirus impact closely and plans to implement any necessary changes as the CDC, FDA and AABB provide new information.

Anyone interested in making a blood donation can call 877-258-4825 or visit vitalant.orgĀ to make an appointment.

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