ND Autism Center Hosts Meet And Greet For SafeTY Jacket Awareness

The Information Also Includes What They Look Like, Their Routines As Well As The Best Way To Talk To Them.

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Law enforcement officers and the North Dakota Autism Center are raising awareness about the safeTY jacket program.

They are hoping to get more families and adults signed up for the program at a meet and greet at the North Dakota Autism Center.

The program is a way for officers to know emergency information about individuals with autism to first responders.

The information also includes what they look like, their routines as well as the best way to talk to them.

“That it’s two seconds and they are out the door, they become disinterested in what’s going on. They are scared about a situation that happened and they could get away from the situation or a safe situation. So we wanted that vital emergency information,” Co-Founder, ND Autism Center, Darcy Kasprowicz said.

Link For Sign-Up

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